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Rune V Cappelen Strømsted


I graduated in 1999 from Oslo National College of the Arts, with a Master’s degree in Fine Arts. Through my artistic career, I have been working with different forms of artistic expression, both non-figurative and figurative, but landscape painting has always been the basis of my work. I work mainly in the techniques of oil painting, acrylic and pastel, but also watercolor, pencil and ink.

Norwegian Visual Artists Association
Association of Norwegian Painters
Vestfold Visual Artists
Norwegian Visual Artists Copyright Society


I also work as a web designer, in addition to being a full time teacher at the Department of Media and Communication at Melsom High School, in Vestfold, Norway.
I have served on the board for Vestfold Visual Artists and I am responsible for updating the association's website.




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Rune Strømsted is member of Norwegian Visual Artists Copyright Society (BONO).